Academic Writing

Gendered experiences of Asian Migrant Labour

When they move to a new country, new immigrants face the daunting challenge of acclimatizing to a new work and labour context. In this qualitative research article, I reveal that five key themes — maternal obligations, structural inadequacies, employer inadequacies, male job satisfaction, and racial discrimination — differentiate Asian migrants’ gendered experiences of work in Canada.

Decorating Tradition Your Own Way: Sex and the City, Modernity, and US Exceptionalism

The movie Sex and the City 2 presents fertile ground for analysis using critical frameworks to examine US-centric modernity, exceptionalism, and white supremacy. The film’s ignorant portrayals of the Orient and feminism in the Middle East generate an obfuscating white noise while producing a homonormative, homonationalist, and US exceptionalist narrative which places US ideals of sameness at the center of empowerment and happiness.

Fan-Queering of Heteronormative Storyworlds

Slash fanfiction functions as a way for fans and queer fans to reject the ideological silences of media creators by using the potentials presented in heteronormative storyworlds and extending them to their own specifications.