About Me

Photo courtesy of @luciaxtan

Hi there! I’m Grace, a 20-year-old Sociology and Professional Writing & Communication student at the University of Toronto. I write both creatively and critically.

My speculative short fiction and prose poetry have appeared in multiple anthologies and magazines:

  • Young Writers of Canada anthologies Monsters at Midnight (2011), A World Away (2013), and The Waves on the Shore (2015)
  • Polar Expressions poetry anthology Take Me Back (2015), student poetry anthology The Chance (2015), and student short story anthology The Observer (2015)
  • Lilun Magazine Issue 3: Wild (2018)

My writing on media and culture can be read on various online publications or on my blog. I’m also a regular contributor for Camp Thirlby, the sister site of The Thirlby.

I’m particularly interested in writing fiction reviews (book, film, or television) and writing critically on fannish culture, pop culture, feminism, and queer perspectives. Contact me by email or connect with me on LinkedIn!