Disentangling the Mental Effects of Western Supremacy Through My Accent

The other kids spoke like they ostensibly belonged — belonged with each other, belonged at school, belonged in Canada. Their English flowed and lilted, like music to my ears; my English sounded broguish and inelegant and choppy

Art by Shon Ji Min

Canada Line: A Short Portrayal of Anti-Immigration & Racism in Canada (Creative nonfiction)

In the height of racist exclamations of “Go back to your country,” Grace Kwan shines a piercing light on a parallel occurrence across the northern border.

Photo courtesy of Hako Yamasaki

Sex and the City 2 is a Lesson in U.S. Exceptionalism

Sex and the City 2 presents especially fertile ground for us to consider and examine manifestations of white supremacy and homonormativity in popular culture.

Vestiges of A Dream (Book Review)

The tales in The Lonesome Bodybuilder place the reader in seemingly ordinary settings — so ordinary that when the strangeness encroaches in the form of alien customers and umbrellas that make businessmen fly, Yukiko Motoya’s narration blends the bizarre so seamlessly into its mundane backdrop that we easily accept it.

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Fanfiction: A History of Marginalization

Sure, fanfiction roots itself in subculture, but I cannot think of any justifiable explanation for such deep-seated stigmatization besides misogyny.

Photo via New York Times Sunday Review

8 Authors of Color to Educate Yourself on White Supremacy

A list of groundbreaking authors who offer thought-provoking expository material on systems of power, ranging from structural racism to colonialism to Orientalism, which produce and uphold white supremacy.

Photo via The Thirlby